'Brembo spring at the Devil’s feet' published by Promote Photography!
'Stairs to the church of San Francesco Gaeta' published by HQSP Night and Promote Photography!
'A way of life' published by HQSP Urban and Street!
'Glimpses of Italy'
New photo exhibition by Nicola Torosantucci on August 10 – 17, 2014 at the Medieval Castle in Itri (LT, Italy.)
Colors, lights, and emotions of some of the most beautiful, typical, and fascinating Italian cities and villages.
'The Fort' published by Promote Photography!
'The rest of an angel' published by HQSP Urban and Street!
'Lightful harmony for meditation' published by HQSP Architecture!
'Towards the sky' published by HQSP Architecture!
'Gondola moored on the dock' published by HQSP Urban and Street and Hqsp Promotion!
'Cala di Trana' published by HQSP Landscape and Coastal Thursday!
'Romantic sunset in Amsterdam' published by Hqsp Urban and Street & Hqsp Winners!